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November 2022

LIFT Aero Design is designing the brand and cabin for FlyAtlantic, a new airline that will connect Europe and North America via Belfast. The airline plans to commence operations in summer 2024. The aircraft type has not been decided.

About the livery: the black and white geometric pattern on the tail celebrates the enormous flow of people and goods between Europe and North America, and the ease of traveling affordably and in style. “We aim to give FlyAtlantic a super fresh, dynamic look that gets noticed in a big way,” said Daniel Baron, LIFT’s managing director. "Like all of our work, we create brands and experiences that are highly differentiated from competitors and resonate with travelers and staff alike."




September 2022

New value creation in the space between economy class and business class: LIFT Aero Design proposes enhanced-comfort seating concept for ultra long haul flights.
15-19 hours nonstop is the new normal in many long haul markets, along with rising airfares. And wellness now occupies a larger space than ever in the decision to travel or stay home. In this new environment, a complete rethink of the long haul experience is needed. 

Extra wide triples and doubles
PARADYM is a seating concept that would deliver new opportunities for value creation in the space between economy class and business class. It challenges conventional notions of product division (business/premium economy/economy) using partitions between classes. Instead, multi-purpose extra-wide triple seats would replace the four seats currently in the center section of economy cabins. On A350, A380 and 777, wide triples and wide doubles could be used in a 3-3-2 configuration. 

“We originally conceived PARADYM with a future single aisle aircraft in mind, and the reaction by the market has been very positive” said Daniel Baron, LIFT Aero Design’s managing director. “After the invasion of Ukraine and resulting increase in flight times, we realized that the concept is relevant right now.” 

Revenue optimization
PARADYM is the magic combination of enhanced comfort for passengers with revenue optimization for airlines. "Airlines are constantly faced with the challenge of matching supply with demand due to the inability to quickly convert seat hardware,” said Baron. “Our concept simplifies the cabin while helping operators leverage their existing revenue management tools."

Each spacious triple would allow the airline to sell any location in the cabin as extra comfort economy, or premium economy, or "economy flat” with a sleeping surface that is 6 feet/185 cm long. That would enable the majority of flyers to sleep without bending their knees. 

PARADYM would also help airlines in their journey to a higher level of sustainability, through fewer seat programs and longer product lifespans.

New ideas for a new era
“We are now in a fundamentally different era of air travel,” said Baron. “As a design studio, our job is to challenge the status quo with new ideas that address the needs of airlines, and ultimately inspire more people to fly long haul. My design partner Aaron Yong and I are massively pleased with how PARADYM has turned out, and believe it has potential to be a game changer. 

The original version of PARADYM, for future single aisle aircraft, was shortlisted for the 2022 Crystal Cabin Awards.

Explore the concept here.





May 2022

's Pilot Mike of PILOTalkshow hits it out of the park with a superb video explaining how Airbus aircraft are manufactured. A million thanks to Mike for including our cabin design for CEB's A330neo, presented by our very own Aaron Yong. Watch the video here.



Download the concept PDF here

View the PARADYM concept.


March 2022

LIFT Aero Design is delighted to announce that our future aircraft configuration concept, PARADYM™, has been shortlisted for a Crystal Cabin Award, the “only international award for excellence in aircraft interior innovation”.

“It is massively gratifying to see our work recognized,” said Daniel Baron, LIFT’s managing director. “We are passionate about pushing the envelope. With PARADYM we wanted to focus on the really big picture, ie, given how much the world has changed, what should the future look like?”

LIFT considered the needs not only of travelers and airlines, but also of lessors, and addressed the question: “Looking ahead to the next generation of aircraft, what type of fuselage or configuration would maximize revenue generation while raising the comfort bar to keep air travel compelling, especially in economy class?” The answer is PARADYM, a shift to wide triples, with a single seat type throughout the cabin. This enables any row to be sold as a “premium economy flat” bed product, or premium economy, or economy, throughout the aircraft.

Finalists will be announced in May, with the winners announced during the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, in June.


December 2021

Manila-based Cebu Pacific Air has unveiled its brand new A330neo, with cabin styling by LIFT Aero Design.

“This project was all about infusing into the cabin the DNA of the Cebu Pacific brand and their origin, the beautiful island of Cebu”, said Daniel Baron, LIFT’s managing director. “We focused on translating the airline’s distinct yellow and blue palette into an environment that reflects their youthful and dynamic company.”

“When entering an aircraft, the very first impression counts so much” added Baron. “So the lighting panel in the ceiling at the main entry door is in a fresh, inviting shade of teal. The shimmer of a crystal clear sea in the Philippines says ‘welcome aboard’ as you pass under it.”

The seats feature a sporty look crafted to communicate “100% Cebu Pacific”. Blue-grey leather exudes an atmosphere of calm, while a carbon fiber texture adds a tactile quality that enhances perception of comfort. Sleek color accents have matching stitching in the airline's signature yellow and blue, for premium and standard seats respectively.

The front and rear walls of the cabin feature a vibrant blue-on-blue mango pattern, a tiny touch that salutes the delicious fruit for which Cebu is well known. A raised Cebu Pacific logo in white ties the entire cabin together as a 360-degree branded environment.

The same mango pattern appears in two shades of yellow on one internal wall of the lavatories. “With a single, carefully considered color, we achieved our goal of a lavatory environment that doesn’t shy away from bold statements while maintaining a clean, professional look,” said Baron.

“Designed with our partner, LIFT Aero Design, and with our passengers’ comfort and experience in mind, Cebu Pacific’s new cabin interiors reflect how proud we are to hail from Cebu, and to represent the Philippine islands wherever we fly,” said Candice Iyog, Cebu Pacific Vice President for Marketing & Customer Experience. “LIFT did a brilliant job of incorporating our brand into the cabin, with truly excellent support from program launch to delivery of the first aircraft.”
With the lowest carbon footprint per passenger, Cebu Pacific’s A330neo paves the way for it to become the greenest airline in Asia. The airline is on track to operate an all-neo fleet by 2027.

“My partner Aaron Yong and I are grateful for the opportunity to work with the professional and laser-focused Cebu Pacific team, who have a clear vision of their brand and product,” said Baron.


October 2021

Say hello to Planet Foody: LIFT Aero Design creates naming and brand design for new ghost kitchen venture.

Planet Foody is a new brand that will produce a wide variety of cuisines from centralized kitchens, with meals delivered by contracted delivery partners or picked up by the customer. It was born out of demand for fresh, delicious food delivered sustainably and conveniently.

About the name
"The DNA of the Planet Foody brand is what foodies value most: trust, reliability, originality and innovation”, says Daniel Baron, LIFT’s managing director. “We crafted a name that symbolizes the company’s commitment to the planet and the wellness of customers, with sustainable practices and natural, additive-free ingredients in all food products.”

About the design
A two-tone green color scheme emphasizes the brand’s wholesome, fresh and environmentally mindful products. A versatile map pin incorporates an F in a larger, abstract P. The mark leverages a familiar icon to say “get your foodie fix”. “Our clean design is instantly recognizable, so will travel well as Planet Foody launches in Asia and eventually goes global. It has been such a pleasure working on the project, and we look forward to seeing Planet Foody flourish” said Baron.


June 2021

LIFT unveiled the next stop on our PARADYM™ World Colours journey: our very own Aaron Yong's hometown of Singapore.

Aaron says: "When most people think "Singapore", they think gleaming skyscrapers, innovative urban gardens, and spotless streets. That's all well and good, but let's not forget our incredibly rich biodiversity that's often overlooked. Centuries-old rainforests continue to breathe life into this bustling metropolis, while providing sanctuary to species of wildlife found only in these parts. This natural, tropical beauty is what the next stop of the PARADYM™ World Colours journey aims to evoke."
"Soft, calming shades of green ranging from sage to dark forest are complemented by rich, dark timber accents reminiscent of the teakwood native to the island, which also highlight the broad trim and finish customisability of PARADYM™. Woven into the greenery of the seatback fabric is a hexagonal geometric tessellation, representing the man-made urban environment of this "city in a garden". I'm genuinely hopeful that the lush natural landscape of our island will continue to be protected and flourish as our city's rapid development forges ahead."

Learn more about the PARADYM™ concept here.


May 2021

Welcome aboard PARADYM™ World Colors. To celebrate some of our favorite places around the planet, LIFT has created a stunning styling collection. During this global “tour” we aim to demonstrate how seat trim and finish can shape brand differentiation. 

Our first destination is Tokyo. Vast, eclectic, and ever evolving, Tokyo is metropolis meets village, urban sprawl meets sublime detail. Most streets in Tokyo don't have names, so detailed maps are essential. Neighborhood maps sent to all residents even include names of house owners. In the TYO edition of PARADYM World Colors, headrests feature a Tokyo map in printed leather (minus names 😎).

Tokyo is a delicious blend of future and tradition, fast and slow, cacophony and calm. Our styling celebrates the rich and varied textures of this dynamic city.



Learn more here

April 2021

LIFT Aero Design introduces PARADYM™, a cabin configuration concept for future single-aisle mid/long-haul aircraft. Our proposition: to enhance flexibility for airlines by adopting a new standard of comfort for passengers.

PARADYM envisions a shift to a wider single aisle fuselage:
• Cabin wider than A320/737
• 3 x 3 configuration
• Wide flexible triple. Seat width: 20 inches between armrests instead of the current 17/18 inches. Three seats would be nearly as wide as four standard economy class seats now.
• Instead of separate cabins for business/economy class, the entire cabin would have the same seat model.

Greater flexibility for airlines:
•LCCs and hybrid airlines need to optimize sophisticated revenue management software in order to maximize revenue from every rear end in every seat. With a single model of wide triple seats, every row on the aircraft could be sold as different products: economy, premium economy, “premium economy flat”, “economy flat”, or “business class light”.
• Optimized revenue mix: any row can be three products.
• Simplified cabin development: a single seat program for the entire aircraft means less complexity and lower cost.
• Fewer spare parts: all rows on the aircraft would have the same parts and part numbers.

A new standard of comfort for passengers:
• 20 inches between armrests.
• Dual armrests between seats give every passenger two dedicated surfaces and boost perception of hygiene.
• Instant premium economy. With twin armrests between seats, an airline can sell the aisle and window seats as premium economy and block the center.
• Economy flat, premium economy flat or business light. By raising the front of the seat bottom cushions, PARADYM transforms into a spacious, flat surface of 1.75 meters / 5 feet 9 inches, nearly the length of a quad and long enough for a high percentage of travelers.
• Tapered sides allow the arms to rest in a more natural position.
• Full-wrap headrests for full support and privacy.
• The seat bottom cushion gently provides more comfort by not pressing into the back of the knees.

For the lessor:
More easily reposition aircraft thanks to the ultra-flexible configuration.

Why PARADYM and why now?
Travel enriches our lives in so many ways. The global pandemic is a call for aviation to keep pushing the envelope and disrupt the status quo. Through diverse, unconventional ideas, we hope to spark conversations among industry stakeholders and ultimately inspire more people to fly.

Note: LIFT Aero Design has no affiliation with any seat vendor or other supplier, and does not manufacture or sell products. We work as a design partner to airline clients and with all industry suppliers. Any resemblance to existing seat designs is coincidental.




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May 2020

LIFT Aero Design has created a collection of aviation-themed graphics to help airlines rebuild confidence in air travel by communicating the two-way benefit of face masks. 

The “I protect you; you protect me” marks combine abstract mask shapes with aircraft icons, or text with aircraft, to instantly communicate the mutual benefit of wearing a mask. 

“We were inspired by mask awareness campaigns in several countries, and would like to help the aviation world get the message out," said Daniel Baron, LIFT’s managing director. "The reality is that airlines need to fill aircraft in order to survive and thrive again. A small behavioral change like wearing a mask can protect everyone on board. It enhances perception of the cabin, and by extension flying in general. Anything airlines can do to reduce angst is helpful to all of us.” 

Design partner Aaron Yong added: "In addition to helping to foster more mindful and considerate travelling practices, the clear, friendly graphics are designed to remind travellers of the joy of flying in a time of heightened anxiety.”

The graphics have been designed for easy application on mask packaging, websites, mobile apps, boarding passes, IFE screens, advertising, placards on partitions or seats, etc. To give airlines maximum flexiblity, the collection includes a range of styles, from conservative to whimsical. 

The elements are free of charge for any airline or aviation supplier. Once received by an organization involved in aviation, LIFT grants the right to use the data. 


February 2020

Welcome to LIFT Aero Design. We have tweaked our brand name from LIFT Strategic Design to reflect the fact that we are, since 2009, 100% aviation. The modified name is also a better fit with our URL and social media handles.

The company's registered name remains LIFT Strategic Design LLC, a Japanese company with offices in Tokyo and Singapore.




January 2020

LIFT Aero Design has been selected by Manila-based Cebu Pacific as cabin design partner for their new fleet of A330neos. LIFT's Daniel Baron said: "It is such a pleasure to be working with our new friends at dynamic Cebu Pacific as them embark on a new journey in inflight customer experience. We are grateful for their confidence, and look forward to sharing details about the cabin styling in the future."





August 2019

Air Seychelles has unveiled its brand new A320neo, with cabin styling by LIFT Aero Design. The airline becomes the first operator of an A320neo in Africa.

“Our inspiration for the cabin was the stunning natural beauty of the Seychelles, and the spirit of its people, who are proud of their airline and the warm hospitality they provide, said Daniel Baron, LIFT’s managing director. “They are keen for the cabin to communicate this pride.”

“The Seychelles faces fierce competition from other tropical island destinations,” said Baron. “Our goal was to design a truly bespoke cabin that would stand out in a big way and be unmistakably Air Seychelles. Given that the airline is oriented toward inbound tourism, being able to leverage the cabin as a tool in marketing communications is supremely important. Therefore, much consideration was given not only to the ambience on board, but also to creating designs that will stand out on social media.”

LIFT developed the bespoke designs around the airline’s beautiful palette of blues, greens and reds. In Business Class, a handsome beige and black fabric with pronounced texture lends a high-end resort feeling. The main seat fabric is complemented by a headrest in a deliciously saturated deep red. In economy class, seat fabrics in shades of green and blue were inspired by the exquisite color contrasts found in the sparkling sea of the Seychelles.

The front and rear walls of the cabin feature a soft gradient from yellow to blue, evoking the rays of a tropical sun over the country's crystal waters. A pearlescent palm pattern completes the elegant, layered look, communicating quality through attention to detail. The result is a vibrant, tropical ambience whose patterns and textures reflect both airline and destination.

“My partner Aaron Yong and I are honored to have worked with Air Seychelles and its highly professional team. Much passion went into the tiniest details of the cabin designs. With affection and gratitude, we hope the new cabins serve them well for many years” said Baron. He added: “This was a compact program with tight time constraints. We would also like to thank our supplier partners for their super quick support.”




July 2019

Many thanks to Japan's venerable AIRLINE Magazine for including us in their September 2019 issue, whose theme is cabin and seat design. The four page article explains the cabin development process, using a few of our projects as examples. Japan has a massive population of airplane/airline aficionados. We appreciate the opportunity to share with them our passion for the industry.





July 2019

We're super happy to announce our brand design for TRAICY. It's Japan's leading travel information portal, covering a massively wide range of topics and always up to date. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, TRAICY reached out to us for something completely different. The refreshed look features a sexy and dynamic winglet, a symbol of passion for discovery of all that's new and amazing out there. Sincerest thanks to team TRAICY for choosing us as their design partner, and here's to many more years of success.





July 2018

Manila-based Philippine Airlines has taken delivery of the first of six new A350-900s. The aircraft will serve long haul markets such as NYC and London to Manila nonstop. The cabin of PAL's new long-haul fleet has been designed by Tokyo-based LIFT Aero Design. LIFT has been working with PAL on cabin design projects since the airline's first B777 fleet in 2007.

Daniel Baron, LIFT’s CEO, said "I am truly grateful for the trust PAL has placed in LIFT over the years. We know each other very well, and enjoy a warm relationship of mutual trust and friendship"

LIFT was invited to join PAL executives and members of the media on the A350 delivery flight from Toulouse to Manila on 14 July 2018. "What an amazing trip," said Baron. "It was a unique, fantastic opportunity to explain the designs to members of the media in person, on the aircraft. That shows just how serious PAL is about rising even higher, with products that can compete with the very best."

Unmistakably Filipino, unmistakably Philippine Airlines
Every detail of the CMF (color, material and finish) on the A350 has been designed to communicate PAL's positioning as the premium network carrier of the Philippines, dedicated to delivering a high quality customer experience in all classes. The designs are a delicious blend of heritage and future, with emphasis on crystal clear differentiation through color, pattern and texture. Baron said: "It's all about instantly communicating country and culture to both visitors to the country and to Filipinos returning home, in a way that is forward-looking, with a premium feeling at every touchpoint in every cabin."

First-in-the-world mood lighting scenes
Working with Airbus lighting system specialists, LIFT developed for PAL original, unique lighting scenes that truly set the airline apart. "Our aim was to communicate the unique characteristics of Filipino culture and the legendary warmth of Filipino hospitality, using the extremely robust customizable lighting system that Airbus has developed for A350," said Baron.

The lighting scenes include:

Boarding/deplaning: we recreated the vast sky above a land of 7,100 islands. A soft gradient from light amber to light blue travels slowly from rear to front, in a loop. It instantly says "mabuhay" ("welcome").

Sunrise: prior to the final meal service, a slow transition from midnight blue culminates with the "sun" in orange rising slowly above overhead bins toward the ceiling. As it fades out, the cabin sidewalls become bathed in warm amber.

Flag colors: on national day of the Philippines or other relevant occasions, the red, yellow and blue of the flag appear on the ceiling, over bins and on sidewals, respectively.

Christmas: The festive season can be celebrated on board, with a gradient from red to white to green that moves across the entire cabin ceiling.

Fiesta: over 100 festivals are held in towns and cities throughout the Philippines every year, and are an explosion of color. We give PAL the ability to create a festival atmosphere on board, during which cabin crew can announce a particular festival or fiesta being held.

Celebration: a dynamic light show, inspired by fireworks, that enables PAL customers to celebrate a special ocassion such as a birthday, anniversary, promotion or even marriage proposal.





April 2018

On Friday 20 April, Hanoi-based FLC Group launched the brand design of upstart carrier Bamboo Airways. Aviation design studio LIFT Aero Design won a global competition to develop the airline’s brand, including logo, livery and cabin interior.

Daniel Baron, LIFT’s CEO, said: “we are thrilled to be working with FLC Group and Bamboo Airways on this unique program in the rapidly developing Vietnam market. I greatly appreciate the trust they have placed in us to deliver a strong, long-lasting brand.”

Clear vision at the top of the company
The vision at the top of the FLC Group, the owner of the airline, is crystal clear: to create opportunities in Vietnam for more people to enjoy their hard-earned leisure time. In particular, the company aims to provide all-inclusive air-land vacation packages using the many resorts and condotels it owns throughout the country.

Positioned as a hybrid boutique carrier
The Vietnam domestic market is dominated by two large airlines: a traditional flag carrier, and an LCC focused on low price. Bamboo Airways is positioned as a boutique “lifestyle” airline. This speaks to the aspirations of many young Vietnamese, who are keen for air travel to be part of their lifestyle. They have disposable income, associate with global brands and embrace new experiences. Not too long ago, the advertisements in the inflight magazine of the flag carrier targeted foreign visitors. Now, every other ad is pitching beachfront second homes for Vietnamese. The country of 96 million people is ready for Bamboo Airways.

Meaning in all the elements: distinctive features of the logo and livery

The mark
Designing around the target positioning, we created a fresh bamboo “forest” in a vibrant, youthful green, and linked it to bamboo leaves in two shades of blue, all neatly shaped as an aircraft tail. The rising bamboo is a symbol of strength, versatility, beauty and poise, the same qualities as the people of Vietnam. It’s a celebration of the natural beauty of the country, with a modern, urban feel. And it instantly communicates “airline”, aiding brand identification and recall.

The logotype
In Vietnam, bamboo is a symbol of strength and protection, and every person in the country knows the legend of a saint who used it to ward off invaders. The bold logotype features the letter M shaped as a protective roof over an abstract bamboo leaf. Collectively the logotype communicates stability and reliability, qualities shared by the large parent company, FLC Group, which is already well known throughout Vietnam.

The green forward door
The Vietnamese are a people of extraordinary hospitality and charm. We wanted to communicate these qualities to the world, and what a better way than the forward entry door. The door in green is a simple, powerful way to say “welcome to our home”.

Possibly the world’s largest bamboo leaf
Gentle arcs in medium blue on the belly of the aircraft speak to mobility and new discoveries when viewed from the side. When seen from below, they form the shape of a bamboo leaf with a large “BAMBOO” in the center.

Cabin interior design
LIFT is also designing the cabin interior to be installed on Bamboo’s first aircraft. Details to be released at a later date.


(Earlier release)

LIFT Aero Design selected to design Vietnam’s newest airline: Bamboo Airways

Tokyo-based LIFT Aero Design has been selected to design the brand, livery and cabin for Bamboo Airways of Vietnam. The Hanoi-based carrier is being launched by the FLC Group, one of Vietnam’s largest real estate development companies.

Daniel Baron, LIFT’s CEO said: “We are very excited to be working with FLC, and are grateful for their confidence in LIFT. They have a clear long-term vision for their new airline. We look forward to working with the Bamboo Airways team to develop a strong brand that serves them well for many years.”

Dang Tat Thang, Bamboo Airways CEO, said “LIFT brings tremendous airline brand experience and passion as a strong partner for our company. My team and I look forward to creating Vietnam’s new airline with them.”





June 2017

Philippine Airlines has unveiled its completely reconfigured and refurbished A330-300, with cabin design by LIFT Aero Design.

“Above all, the design reflects PAL’s aspiration to be a top-rated airline to, from and within the Philippines, one of Asia’s most dynamic economies", said Daniel Baron, CEO of LIFT Aero Design. "Many PAL employees have been at the carrier for decades. They are passionate to see their airline deliver on the company’s tagline ‘the heart of the Filipino’.

“In terms of hard product and styling, PAL’s recently added 777-300ERs represented an evolution. The reconfigured A330, however, is about revolution, with a new design on forward and rear walls, enhanced seat comfort and privacy in business class, and a new service class (premium economy).”

Inspiration for a new generation: the elegant Barong Filipino

“On any aircraft, the forward and rear walls of each seating zone define the ambience of the entire cabin. What goes on those walls also drives visual differentiation between classes, and between airline brands.”

“Over the past ten years, our original wall design for PAL, “Coastlines”, has served PAL well, welcoming customers with its soft shades of blue that represent the view of an island coast from above in a land of 7100 islands. But it was time for something new and completely different, something that further underscores PAL’s positioning as the full-service airline of the Philippines.”

“One aspect of the country’s rich cultural heritage stood out more than anything: the incredible beauty and diversity of its textiles. We wanted to celebrate this and create a modern interpretation suitable for an aircraft cabin. We chose a geometric element from a Barong Filipino, the traditional shirt worn by women and men throughout the country. Just like a piece of clothing woven with skill and love, the forward and rear wall coverings gently ‘wrap’ the cabin environment in warmth and elegance.”

In premium classes, the barong element appears in vertical sections of light gold and silver on a beige background. In Economy Class, the same pattern is used on a white background. “It communicates professionalism and filipino hospitality to foreign visitors, and immediately says ‘welcome home’ to Filipinos the moment they step aboard.”

Business Class

“Our styling of the Thompson Aero Seating Vantage XL business class seat began with a simple proposition: the seat as embodiment of PAL’s true potential as a full-service network carrier. It’s about leveraging the visual and tactile qualities of a product to instantly communicate ‘premium experience in a calm, stylish environment.”

“The external surface of the seat shell is a delicious shade of champagne with a soft metallic finish that instantly communicates ‘premium’. A dark blue fabric for the shell lining creates a sense of cocooned coziness, while absorbing sound for an even more peaceful rest.”

“The seat fabric is a basket weave pattern of in two soft shades of blue, with detailing in cream.”

“The same barong pattern used for forward and rear walls of each zone appears on the lining of the pocket in shades of pewter and light gold, for a touch of classic glamour. “

“The retainer for the personal item shelf features a texture inspired by filipino mother of pearl known locally as capiz,”

“Table inlays have a pressed bamboo pattern, a reference to the abundance of beautiful natural materials used throughout the country in furniture and home decoration.”

“The business class seat covers also feature contour lines that reference PAL’s sunburst logo while enhancing perception of comfort. A small touch that underscores PAL’s commitment to quality throughout the customer journey.”

New and true premium economy seat

“PAL’s new Premium Economy Class provides an upgraded experience in a dedicated zone just after Business Class. The seat fabric features an elegant basket weave pattern in medium blue mixed with mandarin. The result is a highly textured, premium look and feel. Complementing the fabric are meal and cocktail tables in a light wood grain. Together with the super comfortable seat packed with creature features, the ambience of the cabin communicates to customers a differentiated, enhanced experience.”

Dedicated carpet for premium classes

“Business class and premium economy have a dedicated carpet design. Inspired by banig, handwoven floor coverings, it has the appearance of colors very subtly overlapping in a geometric pattern.”

Economy class seat

“Economy class is no less important, in the sense that ever element needs to communicate comfort, a modern Filipino aesthetic and the incredibly warm hospitality for which PAL is well known.”

“The main seat fabric features a flip-flop color-change effect, meaning that the color appears different depending on the angle of view. With a single fabric, the seatbacks appear turquoise, while the seat bottom cushions take on a sunshine orange hue. The look is both dynamic and premium. The sides of the seats are covered in a different fabric with a diamond pattern that has roots in traditional filipino weaving. With headrests in blue or turquoise leather, the overall appearance of the seat is modern and clean, and unmistakably Filipino.”

Economy class carpet

The carpet in economy class features a background of deep-sea blue with tiny dots in turquoise, in a vertical pattern of alternating waves. It represents the sea linking a nation of 7,100 islands.

LIFT also designed the cabin for PAL’s recently delivered 777-300ERs, and is working on the airline’s next-generation A350 and A321 fleets, to be launched in 2018. LIFT's warm relationship with PAL goes back to 2007 and cabin design for its first batch of 777-300ERs. “Over the past ten years, we have worked with PAL on twelve seat programs across seven fleets. The PAL team is truly like family, and I am deeply grateful for their trust and friendship” said Baron.





January 2017

On 13 January in Takamatsu, Japan, HK Express and Kagawa Prefecture unveiled a special livery designed by LIFT Aero Design.

The entire left side of the aircraft celebrates Sanuki udon, Kagawa Prefecture’s signature dish, with a gigantic pair of lacquer chopsticks holding an udon noodle. Sanuki udon is widely known and enthusiastically slurped throughout Japan.

The right side of the aircraft is dedicated to Ritsurin Garden in the city of Takamatsu, and features Engetsukyo (“crescent moon”) bridge, the largest bridge in the grounds, framed by traditional matsu (pine) trees.

The paint used for the dots on the chopsticks and bridge contains mica particles to create a sparkling effect in sunshine. The paint for the special livery was developed with Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings.

Playful details adorn both sides of the special livery. “OSHII!”, the Japanese word for “delicious”, appears to be emerging from the flight deck windows on the side with Sanuki udon noodles, while “KIREI”, the Japanese for “beautiful”, sits above a passenger window as if the passenger is viewing the bridge.

The engine cowlings left and right have logos of Kagawa Prefecture and the City of Takamatsu, respectively.

Coincidentally, the Japanese word for both chopsticks and bridge is “hashi” (written with different kanji), so regardless of the side, describing it as “the side with hashi” is delightfully accurate.

Regarding the designs, Daniel Baron, CEO of LIFT, said: “Most people around the world know Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, but Japan’s lessor known regions also have much to offer. Kagawa Prefecture is keen to build awareness throughout Asia about its rich food culture and beautiful tourist attractions. We wanted to help them stand out in a very big way both on the tarmac and in the air, so focused on two cultural icons of their region that are unmistakably Kagawa and Takamatsu. We also wanted to infuse the design with a touch of humor, which reflects the warm and down-to-earth hospitality that visitors to the prefecture enjoy.”

“The livery is a bold showcase for Kagawa, and promises to increase awareness of the prefecture as HK Express deploys the aircraft throughout its growing network” said Baron. “This was a tremendously fun and rewarding project. We are grateful to both the airline and the prefecture for the chance to be a part of this exciting collaboration”





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