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Shortlisted, Crystal Cabin Award 2022


Travel is a vitamin for the soul. It enriches our lives in so many ways. The need to keep air travel attractive to passengers and profitable for airlines, while reducing carbon footprint, creates impetus for innovation. With this in mind, LIFT Aero Design proposes PARADYM™, a new way of thinking about next-generation single-aisle cabins. Taking advantage of improved aircraft economics, PARADYM™ would feature a wide single-aisle fuselage, with comfortable, flexible seating that helps airlines maximize revenue opportunities while lowering costs.



Spring 2022: the "new normal" is 15-16 hours nonstop East Asia < > Europe (previously 12-13), 17 hours Hong Kong < > east coast of North America. Higher fuel costs imply higher fares, yet with no increase in comfort level in the "back of the bus". And this is likely to be reality for quite some time. Will the ultra-long-haul economy class comfort bar need to rise to compensate for the extra hours and higher prices?

PARADYM™ could be leveraged to define a new comfort standard for today's ultra-long-haul markets, a segment that is now suddenly much larger than before. Nearly as wide as a quad, the extra wide triple would deliver built-in flexibilty to be sold as economy, premium economy or "economy flat".

Have a look at the complete concept here (PDF).

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Note: LIFT Aero Design has no affiliation with any seat vendor or other supplier, and does not manufacture or sell products. We function as a design partner to airline clients and work with all industry suppliers. Any resemblance to existing seat designs is coincidental.



To celebrate some of our favorite places around the planet, LIFT has created a stunning styling collection. During this global “tour” we aim to show how seat trim and finish can shape brand differentiation. 


Vast, eclectic, and ever evolving, Tokyo is metropolis meets village, urban sprawl meets sublime detail. Most streets in Tokyo don't have names, so detailed maps are essential. In the TYO edition of PARADYM World Colors, headrests feature a Tokyo map in printed leather.

Tokyo is a delicious blend of future and tradition, fast and slow, cacophony and calm. Our styling celebrates the rich and varied textures of this dynamic city.


When most people think "Singapore", they think gleaming skyscrapers, innovative urban gardens, and spotless streets. That's all well and good, but let's not forget the incredibly rich biodiversity that's often overlooked. Centuries-old rainforests continue to breathe life into this bustling metropolis, while providing sanctuary to species of wildlife found only in these parts. This natural, tropical beauty is what the SIN design aims to evoke.
Soft, calming shades of green ranging from sage to dark forest are complemented by rich, dark timber accents reminiscent of the teakwood native to the island, which also highlight the broad trim and finish customisability of PARADYM™. Woven into the greenery of the seatback fabric is a hexagonal geometric tessellation, representing the man-made urban environment of this "city in a garden".


Iceland is a nonstop visual OMG, and the other-worldly nature starts from the moment one lays eyes on the rocky, mossy terrain surrounding Keflavik airport. Our styling features soothing shades of blue/grey inspired by the country’s glaciers and geysers (plus a milky mud pack at the Blue Lagoon). The seat cover lamination pattern represents contour lines of the island’s varied terrain. And on headrests, surround yourself with the mystical whisper of the northern lights, in printed leather. 



An abstract rainbow pattern on the headrest shell salutes the vast LGBTQIA+ community around the globe. Dark shades of grey on the headrest fabric lend the feeling of a cozy, comfortable cocoon. The accents in magenta? Escape path lighting to channel those tough moments. It’s a celebration of equity, diversity and inclusion. Be proud of who you are and what you’ve achieved. Aim impossibly high and never, ever give up.





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