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News from LIFT, April 2015


LIFT Strategic Design launched in 2009 and was incorporated in 2010. Since our launch, we have completed design and consulting programs for several airlines in Asia, LAN in Chile, plus a US-based NPO. Prior to that I was working on design programs for another consultancy, so total 12 years in this dynamic industry.

Our clients include the rapidly growing HK Express (brand, livery, cabin and uniform design), never-a-dull-moment Skymark Airlines (A380 & A330 seat and cabin design), China Airlines (744 cabin retrofit design plus application to A333 and 738) and ORBIS International (Next-generation Flying Eye Hospital).

I am also honored to act as an ambassador to the aircraft interiors universe for ORBIS and its Next-generation Flying Eye Hospital (FEH). What started as a brief email exchange several years ago has blossomed into a tremendously rewarding journey of inspiration and friendship. Stay tuned for the unveiling of the new FEH in the near future.

We are thrilled to be working on THREE new airline projects. Details to follow soon.

And this month we launched PAXEX360, passenger xperience workshops for airlines, with

Let me take this opportunity to publicly thank our clients and supplier partners, for their projects, their support, their good humor. I am proud to say that LIFT is a trusted design partner, driven by our passion for the industry and the strategic goals of our clients.

Daniel Baron


News from LIFT, March 2015



  and LIFT Strategic Design have joined forces to provide airlines with on-site Passenger Xperience Workshops that explore trends in airline customer experience, followed by interactive discussions where key staff identify priorities for future product, service and brand development.

The ultimate goal of PAXEX360 workshops is to help airlines optimize their investment in customer experience, through better understanding of passenger needs, faster responses to changing consumer preferences and clearer differentiation. Collectively they lead to repeat purchase and higher yield.

The PAXEX360 workshops familiarize airline management with trends around the world in every phase of the customer journey, from technology to marketing, and from design to service delivery. Key representatives then explore their own customer experience development in the context of the trends, identifying target areas for future action. Potential topics of discussion include brand strategy and positioning, product development and implementation, design, marketing communications and internal organization.

PAXEX360 workshops will be conducted by founder Raymond Kollau and LIFT founder Daniel Baron. An expert in airline trend research, Raymond Kollau brings many years of experience analyzing industry and consumer trends, and is also an analyst at leading consumer trends agency LIFT’s Daniel Baron brings expertise in brand strategy and design, cabin design and customer experience development for start-up, LCC and full-service airlines.

In a joint statement, Kollau and Baron said “Airlines have limited time and resources, but the market around them is evolving faster than ever. This joint PAXEX360 offering enables key decision makers to very quickly understand both the big picture and the small details, and provides a platform for informally, yet concisely, identifying key strategic targets for improvement, with the long-term aim of increasing loyalty and yield.”

Kollau and Baron continued: “We are also tailoring PAXEX360 workshops for airline supplier partners. They have told us they are keen to improve their products and services to airlines, and face the same pressure on resources and exposure to various risks. Suppliers can greatly benefit from learning what the trends are and how they are influenced by general consumer trends. By gaining better understanding of the inner workings of airlines, they can also more efficiently allocate resources.”

PAXEX360 workshops are best for executive level management as well as division managers in marketing, product development/innovation and inflight service.


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