Workshops designed around your needs

LIFT partners with Amsterdam-based AirlineTrends to jointly provide PAXEX360 Passenger Xperience Workshops. Conducted on site at the offices of airlines or suppliers, PAXEX360 workshops feature a comprehensive trends presentation, followed by in-depth discussions to help management identify priorities for product, service and brand investment.

Each workshop is tailored to the client's needs, ranging from total customer journey, digital focus, and future cabin vision, to highly specialized sessions for top management or start-up airlines.


Typical workshop content

A. Presentation of the latest trends and innovations
Who is doing what, where, when and why?

B. In-depth interactive discussion
Where do we go from here?

C. Ideation and concept development
How do we make our priorities concise?


Designing your success

Our clients know that they get not only original, innovative design, but also nonstop support from people who are passionate about the industry and about helping them achieve their goals. And along the way, we build strong relationships of trust and friendship that last long after the project has ended.

Philippine Airlines 6 cabin programs/11 seat programs over 10 years
HK Express 4 years
U-FLY Alliance 1 year
Skymark Airlines 3 years
LATAM/LAN Airlines 2 projects, 6 months each
ORBIS International 5 years
China Airlines 3 years
Oasis Hong Kong Airlines 3 years


Why clients choose LIFT

• Deep understanding of the industry
• Design based on strategic goals
• Ideas that create meaningful differentiation
• Good relationships with industry suppliers
• Attentive client support
• Milestone support for cabin design programs (ITCM/PDR/CRD/FAI)

One of the few aviation brand and design specialists in Asia Pacific

LIFT is located in the center of hi-tech, trend-setting, ever-energetic Tokyo. We have worked with traditional full-service network carriers, LCCs and startups. In short, we know airlines inside-out. To our knowledge, we are the only Asia-based aviation design studio that has designed brand, livery, cabin and uniform for an airline based in the region.

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